Excavation Contractor in Central Pennsylvania

Digging is What We Do at A.B.A. Services, LLC

When you need dirt dug and out of the way, count on us! Digging is what we do at A.B.A. Services, LLC, with the heavy equipment and trained staff to dig out whatever you need to move. Count on A.B.A. when you are placing or replacing a septic tank or septic system on your property, need dirt dug out of the way to install or replace piping, sewers, or other utility lines around your property, or when you need to clear out a larger area in order to lay a foundation or other building project.

A.B.A. Services, LLC, handles industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential jobs. We are able to repair and replace lines to their original condition for municipalities and townships, whether it is in the street or sidewalk. Call us today at (814) 494-0527 to learn more about our excavation services.

Demolition Done Right with A.B.A. Services, LLC

Before you dig or as you clear a property for future development, there may be times when you need to blast a large chunk of rock or other material out of the way. The experts at A.B.A. Services, LLC, do demolition work of all types. Whether you need to blast a hole, knock down what is left of an existing structure, or to remove a house or building, trust our professionals to get the job done right.

Site Preparation and Land Clearing in Central PA

A.B.A. Services, LLC, will clear the land to suit your needs, getting rid of trees, stumps, growth, site preparation, or any other obstacles that are holding back your progress. We follow all of the safety procedures and can get your existing material out of the way, demolished the right way, so you can get on with getting your project underway.

Contact us today in Somerset, PA; State College, PA; Osterburg, PA; and the surrounding areas of Southern and Central PA for more information.

Count on A.B.A. Services, LLC, for all your excavation work in Central PA!